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Love him or loathe him, there is no denying the fact that Kevin Pietersen is one of the greatest batsmen to ever play for England - a man who not only played great innings but dominated opposition bowlers with his unorthodox technique and original stroke play. He was perfectly suited to the Twenty20 generation. But he also had a talent for getting into trouble, falling out with coaches and team mates, getting dropped for disciplinary reasons, and eventually his international career was controversially terminated. He responded with an incendiary memoir that shocked and dismayed many. Now, in this revealing and sympathetic portrait, award winning writer Simon Wilde attempts to unravel the mysteries of Pietersen and assesses why such a great talent proved such a divisive figure. 

“A clear-sighted, dispassionate attempt at deconstructing player and personality”



“An important, impartial reference point … Wilde’s considered and thoughtful analysis will be heavily debated”


All Out Cricket 

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