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It is every cricket fanatic's favourite debating point. Who is the greatest batsman in the world? Who is the greatest bowler? It is a game that has been played for as long as the sport itself. The arguments are often inconclusive but Number One sifts the evidence, from the times of Hambledon's champions right through to the present day. Drawing on contemporary reports, the testimony of the leading players and the statistical verdict of the PricewaterhouseCoopers computer program - sources which sometimes provide intriguingly conflicting evidence -Simon Wilde explores the changing landscape of the game and nominates the players most worthy of the honours. 

"It makes for a great read, a bedside in dipper in the curtly class . . . the author produces nuggets for every page".

Frank Keating, Wisden Cricket Monthly

"A clever new slant on a popular subject: well researched, elegantly written and nicely opinionated ... the perfect catalyst for pub discussions" 

Time Out

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